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Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 14:58:41 -0500
Subject: A Message from Tyler Perry - No Weapon

Hello, hello, hello! Before I get into this I just want you to know that this one may be alittle long. (smile) These last two weeks I have been on a promotional tour for MARRIED. 9
states, 25 private screenings, several TV and radio appearances; all inabout 12 days! And let me tell you--it has taken a toll. - I have been told that since I'm not in a dress this movie wouldn't work.
- I have been called a racist (among other things) because there are noother races represented in this film (that's not something that I everthink about...I just want to tell a good story). - I have been lied to, tricked, deceived.
There was one reporter, who I was told was coming from New York to do afavorable piece. She sat in my office and smiled and asked me all kindsof questions. When the article came out it was all out of context and all
about how my movies are the worst thing that have ever happened to Blackpeople and that I am doing nothing but modern day step-and-fetch it, andthat I'm just trying to get rich. I was shocked and quite upset by the
trickery. Not only by her but also the things that were said about thismovie in print were so awful. Several Hollywood trades didn't even mentionthat MARRIED was a contender for number one. They thought that the number
one would be George Clooney's movie or Mark Walbrurg's movie. Now I had never ever read any of this stuff in the past, but for somereason I felt lead to read it this time. The venom and disdain for what I
do was apparent. And speaking of venom, what they did to Janet wasunacceptable. Janet, who was under no obligation at all to promote thismovie, sat with me while I was doing a round of TV interviews. Half way
through the three hours of sitting in the same spot she was attacked by areporter on a Sacramento morning show who only wanted to talk about theSuper Bowl incident. Now, I made it perfectly clear before we went live on the air that I
wasn't talking about the Super Bowl or Janet's family. We had less than 5minuets so I wanted to keep it positive and focus on the movie. But hedidn't want to keep it positive. I had to maintain my composure because we
were live on the air. I didn't let her speak. I kept jumping in because itwas just so unfair to her. I have not seen Justin Timberlake attacked likethat. I wasn't going to let them do that to her. Believe me when I tell
you--Janet worked so hard on this film. She deserved more respect fromthis man than that! We both did. In the mist of all of this I was fighting trying to get more screensbecause every other movie that opens with a track record like mine have
not had to deal with fighting for screens. Most of the movies of mycounterparts open on at least 3,000 screens. MARRIED was given 2,000.Needless to say I was exhausted and mentally drained. So, by this time it
was last Thursday and I just had no more to give. So, when I started towrite that email (about the movie and for you to please check your ticketsand so on) all that I could think was, "Tyler don't let these people get
you down. As a matter of fact, speak a word of encouragement to the peoplethat have been there for you and let that be that!" Every time I'm overwhelmed by negative I just have to remember how good
God has been to me. And as I was thinking about all of this all I couldhear was LIVE YOUR DREAM BOY! LIVE YOUR DREAM!! I wrote to you about dreams because I was just in a place of realizingthat I had done all that I could do and the movie was in God's hands, so I
just wanted to encourage somebody. After I sent that email to you I wasreading your responses on the message board and, well, you don't know whatyou did for me. Here I was thinking that I was encouraging you and then
you turned around and encouraged me! That's why I thank God for you andyour messages. But little did I know how much more was to come...Jesus!!! So, now cut to Friday. . .Dear GOD!!! I decided to go to the movie and just relax. I was trying to buy tickets
online so I tried the 7 o'clock show. It was sold out. I then tried the 8. It was sold out. Then the 9. It, too, was sold out! So I thought, "I needto call the theater. Maybe they'll save me a seat since I know some of
the folks that are in this movie." (smile) After the movie started I was brought into the back of the theater, and nosooner than I sat down I realized why I was having such a battle. I thenrealized why there was such an attack. As I looked at the faces of the
people in this theater laughing and crying I got it. I got it! I had afeeling that this movie was special, but I didn't know how special. Icould literally see husbands and wives coming together. I could see people
letting go of past hurts. And I could feel forgiveness in the air. Ienjoyed watching your faces while you watched the movie. Between the tearsin my eyes and the watching of your faces I didn't get see much of the
movie. And then I got home and went to the message board and you all confirmed inwords all that I was feeling in that theater. So, with all of that said Iwant to say to you, thank you. Thank you for crowding into those theaters.
Thank for dealing with the headaches. Thank you for fighting your wayacross town. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for the number one moviein America. You did that and believe me--all of the ones that I mentioned at the top
of this email are shaking their heads wondering why their weapons didn'tprosper. Truly Grateful, Tyler Perry P.S. I guess Judah will have to find a loving family somewhere else.... :-)
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