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Originally posted by Santana St. Cloud: the UniverSoul Circus in town?

Rumor has it Lauryn Hill's expecting baby No. 5 and that the daddy is Rohan Marley. And you thought Britney had drama.

Confused Po thing. . .

If she IS expecting baby No. 5 by Rohan Marley, it will be her 5th child by the same man. . .it's my understanding that R. Marley is the father of all her 'other' children as well.

That said. . .

Something is terribly wrong with the sista (obviously) and I will not ridicule her, I can only feel bad for her and hope that 'someone' is there for her.

Money & fame does not exempt one from 'going through it'...

none of us are exempt from having personal problems. . .especially . . . when dealing with a man like R. Marley.

If he is INDEED the problem.

Anyway. . .

I wish her well.