Reply to "Random Thoughts"

And so, he didn't do what he said he'd do. Eek

And every time this happens I lose a little respect for him & I trust him less.

Every time he fails to keep his word [which is becoming more & more often], I see that he is NOT the man I thought he was.

Also. . .

It pisses me off . . .

I try to be a good friend, I try to consider the other person's feelings, I TRY to do as I say I'll do ... and I KNOW that I am deserving of the same, especially, from one who claims he 'appreciates' & values our friendship.

When he lies to me ... OR ... seems to take our friendship for granted, I no longer "try" to be a good friend to him.

Neither one of us is perfect, of course, but dang if he ain't taking me for granted. 19

I won't allow his actions to mildly affect me this way, anymore.

Better to stop dealing with someone who doesn't value the friendship, than to change or lower my standards of how I enteract as a friend.

I don't plan to start the new year [2007] wasting precious time with someone who couldn't care less. Looking at the situation this way, makes it easier to let the friendship go.

Cause nowadays ... when I think of him, I'm shaking my head and thinking -- Hell naw, I'm OUT!