Reply to "Random Thoughts"

I am really cracking up at life; how it can be wonderful and stressful at the same time. This morning, I am really in awe of my ability to both laugh off other people's bullshit AND laugh at myself, laughing at other people's bullshit...LOL.

Reading through the forums, I found myself LAUGHING MY A$$ those things implied, at those things that be true, at those things that are just utter Non-Sense and at those things that are just purely funny!

So, since I got my laugh on, I figured I'd lay on what I love...

I LOVE that my son has been in the bed for a while and I get time to MYSELF! Woo Hoo!

I love that all of our clothes are almost done washing!!!

I love that my house is so clean you could eat off of the floor (not that I'm plugging eating off of the floor - if you do that at your house or anybody elses, know that you do that at YOUR OWN risk!) LOL.

I love that I will actually get to RELAX this weekend! Woo Hoo! Home spa time, yeah, yeah!

I love that my paperwork is almost done! Organization is key!

I love that the pumpkin we carved the night before Halloween is still fresh! My son helped me scoop it out, we cleaned it out really good and then I sprinkled some cinnamon in it to preserve it. Then we put a biscotti candle in it! Awwww...he's so cute! LOL...and smells hella good!

I love that I will be taking my son fishing again in the middle of the week.

I love that we will be getting ahead on his school work!

I love watching these One on One re-runs....LOL.

I love everything...even the busted people....

For Real!