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I'm tired of certain women I know who complain about their children's father . . .when they KNEW the man was an asshole BEFORE they hooked up with him.

Why NOW is this a problem, huh?

The man didn't take care of the children he had before he MET you, WHY would you expect him to take care of any kids he has with you?

Personally, I wouldn't even DATE a man/father who didn't take care of his children, period. I tried to tell you and you wouldn't listen.

and while I'm venting. . . .

Don't call me because you think you might have an STD [I was married for a hundred years, I've never had an STD, so I damn sure don't know the symptoms]

... I'm talking about the women [OMG!] that I know, who STILL do not use condoms--WTF???. In this day & age how ignorant is that????

Listen up ladies, I'm about to drop you mentally draining sisters [blk & wht] to the curb. I can't have ignorant people stressing me out. I like y'all but not enough to sacrifice my own MENTAL PEACE. I'm not perfect, but y'all make too many FOOLISH/STUPID mistakes, and I just don't want to hear anymore about it. Y'all don't just want to bend somebody's ear, and I ain't the one.

Go in peace. Smile

I'm though!

Eek I am so shocked to hear you speak this way! Maybe you were destined to educate these sistas. And believe me, some of them will listen. Please tell me you are just upset and venting and not really serious about withholding your wisdom and guidance from a bunch who clearly need it?!! Eek

Right now, unfortunately, it's ALL about self preservation, TOAO. I get emotionally involved with these folks and it's to my own detriment. I have learned the HARD WAY that folks are not as considerate of ME & my feelings, as I am of them & theirs.

I gots ta cut my losses and move on.

OR . . . become a mental basketcase like they are--which I refuse to do.

Sorry, but Imma let birds of a feather flock together.