Reply to "Random Thoughts"

I wish this were a "Random Thought", but my job/career makes the following a daily frustration ...

For a living [and as my personal mission] I investigate complaints of housing and employment discrimination. It is getting more and more difficult for me to remain objective in my job, as of late, because:

1) I'm being faced with more blatant and agrievous acts;

2) I'm finding that my [non-Black] co-workers "just don't get it" in terms of the devastation that discrimination wrecks on people;

3) [and possibly related to #2] I'm realizing that my [non-Black] co-workers are under the guise of being neutral, objective fact-finders, are bending over backwards to give the alleged bad actors, the benefit of a doubt;

4) [and also possibly related to #2] I'm finding more and more, investigations are being short-circuited because management is more concerned about being good administrators [e.g., preserving the budget, reducing back-logged cases, reducing the average case age and maintaining its "non-adversarily, less litigious" stance towards Respondents (defendants)] than seeking justice.

Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad

Okay ... Rant over ... Time to go make a real estate agent and her property owning client's life very, very uncomfortable.

Somebody has to.