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No, I don't blame white folk for EVERYTHING, but I do feel they are the MAIN contributing factor in the destruction of the black community--individual 'black' self hatred, and black folk hatred for each other.

JMO, and a few of "my" random thoughts for the day.

AND they have been working my nerves for the last week or so at work! I started to bring in some 2PAC today and listen to him REAL LOUD on my laptop! Dayum, I have a headache. AND I can't get on this week without one of 'em walking in here PRETENDING like they are interested in our opinions and thoughts on this forum! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Yep, I know what you mean.

My immediate work environment consists of mostly white men, but at least they have enough common sense to keep their mouth shut & 'step back' at times & when necessary. I also live in what is considered a Jewish community, [although there are many 'Christian' white folk & 'other' folk too]. So, in other words, I've pretty much HAD to be "culturally sensitive," both on the job & at home.

However, my gripe is with white folk who don't know what it means to consider such a thing, as it applies to black people.

They make subtle insults, and continually interfere when black folk are trying to resolve/discuss their differences, or issues pertaining to the black community.

The fact is, these particular white folk are SELFISH individuals, they have absolutely no culture sensitivity unless it involves THEM personally & directly. They seem to feel it's their RIGHT to stir shyt and put in their two cents where it doesn't belong. I loathe these people. I'm trying very hard to maintain a positive vibe, but I absolutely LOATHE these self-important, arrogant & SELFISH white AHMFS.

My second random thought for today -- I don't want to feel this way; truly I don't. . .so I'm trying my damnedest to rid myself of this negative energy.

To do this I gotta focus on the "positive" which I'm having a hard time locating at the moment.

Because the white folk I'm referring to are NOT going to change, they don't even see [or choose not to see] that they DO anything wrong. smh.

This bending over backwards & trying to appease THEM [the actions of some], is getting on my last damn nerve.

To the point of nausea.