Reply to "Random Thoughts"

The older I get ... the less patience I have for arrogant, condescending white folk. I have never been a prejudiced person, but I now recognize the "white privilege" attitude some of them have...

I can't help but wonder if it's innate that some of them stir shyt, and have no regard or respect when black folk attempt to discuss [among themselves], issues & concerns relating to the black experience. . .

. . .Or when black folk try to work out their personal differences. . .

. . .seems there's always atleast one white person putting in their two cents where it doesn't belong. It irks me that some of them feel they must involve themselves in EVERYTHING black.

It's always about THEM & what they want. . .and what they WANT is "apparently" MORE important than anything else--particularly any black "healing."

"They don't understand black culture, therefore, the focus must be on THEM."

I am starting to believe that "collectively" whites are a very destructive people, especially, when it comes to black folk.

I didn't always feel this way.

It wasn't enough to lynch us, experiment on us [unknowingly], destroy our families, perpetrate the myth of black inferiority. . .

. . .it wasn't enough to distort historical truths.

Wow, so many "white" lies.

It isn't enough to place a liquor store on every corner in black communities, make drugs easily available & allow gang violence to run long as it doesn't affect young white boys.

Heck, all the above isn't enough, they must also contribute to any "black forum"... any "black oriented" piece of cyber space, sharing their 'interference' as well as their bigotry, hatred & self importance.

Or, they "benefit" in some way from our need to commune amongst ourselves.

No, I don't blame white folk for EVERYTHING, but I do feel they are the MAIN contributing factor in the destruction of the black community--individual 'black' self hatred, and black folk hatred for each other.

JMO, and a few of "my" random thoughts for the day.