Reply to "Random Thoughts"

I was going to chop it off, as I've been waiting for a reason to go bald. I'm too chicken to do it just because I wanna (don't think it'll match me), and gigantic gum seemed like a good enough reason. However, I got curious about how to get gum out.

First I tried ice, which everyone said would work.

It did not. The gum was coming out, but my hair was coming out in clumps with it. That wasn't quite the way I wanted to take my mane off. *ouch*

So I decided to go the opposite route. I had a kettle for tea on anyhow.

Hot water worked really well. It dissolved the gum away, but there was a sticky residue afterwards that I couldn't get rid of regardless of how much shampoo I used.

I grabbed some olive oil and worked it on.

From sticky to greesy.

But the shampoo got all the olive oil out.