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Originally posted by Saracen:

You have a dog??? Poor dog...

You seem like the type that would keep pet rats...
or spiders...

You are really a pathetic woman...really...


And YOU can ESAD....really....


You will do, say, act, or whatever it takes when you think it might win you a few cool points with the crowd you want to stay cool with...You would sell your dark soul for admittance wouldn't you?

Look through this thread, and the rest of the threads we have argued on, look at any of the threads I have been on..I have never referred to you or any woman like you have been referred to..But you choose me to try and fight...That is just plain pathetic..


Blah, blah, blah. . .

And your hypocrite azz is just plain PATHETIC too.


You talk about respect, but you don't really want respect now do you..You just want to be accepted even if it means allowing brothers to call you whatever they like while you wipe your face with a smile...

Is it that hard to get a date???


I don't know, ask sybil. She deals with "you" trifling bytch boy.

Is there something that you wish to tell this board..

Are you actually a man?


There you go again ALWAYS UP in somebody else's business -- GET A LIFE, bytch.