Reply to "Random Thoughts"

They were walking in the park & holding hands. My first thought was how nice it was to see a black couple enjoying each other's company.

When I walked passed them I could see their faces, and was surprised to see how much older [than the man], the woman appeared to be. When he stopped to kiss her in the mouth, I quickly turned away -- it was a nauseating sight to 'almost' behold.

Now, if the age difference had been the other way around [older man, younger woman] I would not have given it a second thought. As it was, I couldn't help but wonder what the hell was he doing with such an old lady.

How could he have a family with someone so much older??? [as if THAT were any of my]

But seriously, she was a lot older.

I am generally an open-minded person, but it seemed so wrong for him [imo] to be romancially involved with a woman so much older [at least she appeared to be].

I'm terrible, I know. stck

and I almost feel guilty for having such negative & hypocritical thoughts about strangers.

Ah well.