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Reply to "Random Thoughts"

Smells can really take you back sometimes.

I got a whiff of some gjetost. A smell my nose hasn't met since I was four at the most.

I got all nostalgic and stuff and found myself grabbing a couple of blocks.

It's not until now that I remembered that I don't love gjetost all that much.

Weird texture. Ugly color. I couldn't really remember the taste, though.

I used to be intrigued by the smell. I didn't really like to eat it.

I just tried some plain. I suppose it's okay in itty-bitty quantities once in a blue moon.

It's not one of those everyday stuff and I can't think of any recipes I can sneak it into.

It seems that I'm the only one around who doesn't find it disgusting.

Ma looked at me as if I tried to poison her.

At this pace these blocks will last decades. sck