Reply to "Random Thoughts"


As much as I love my people, I still must say that our men have become pretty much useless. Many black men are just plain good for nothing.

You would be a fool to trust many of our men with any responsibility. This is definitely a fool's bet.

We have mastered the art of excuse making, and some of our women have helped convert our brothers into P zombies by allowing them to stay at home and do nothing while she works.

Grown men sleep at home at 12:00 p.m. with absolutely nowhere to be. Grown men with a giant bowl of fruity pebbles, and a game console on a monday morning, is just insane to me.

These brotehrs, have the luxury of doing nothing, and receiving the love of many of our best women, while hard working, productive men go under appreciated.

Right now there is a brother sitting on a couch, with corn rows, a blunt, a forty ounce on the table, no job, no money, with a beautiful black women in the kitchen cooking his favorite meal...

I completely fail to thug passion really that important?

Anyway...even when these brothers come under pressure to produce, they quickly demonstrate how underdeveloped they are. I mean seriously, hiring these brothers is like a punishment.... is just crazy as hell...

the black community needs a system for redemption...Or we need to understand why the prison industry is growing...As we are, many of our men are good for nothing but crime, and the natural result, jail time.

Once again, I love my people, however, they frustrate the hell out of me sometimes...However, I have faith that we will rise...I pray that I see this day.