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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

I really don't understand the rationale behind trying to build a "defense" for this man.  He's guilty as sin of what he is charged with.  Everybody in the world knows it.  There simply is no "defense" for what he did.  "Due process", at this point, is both a waste and a joke. The only real question left to answer is does he deserved to die for what he did or not?

That's just how the law works in America; everyone has a right to defend themselves in a court of law before a jury of their peers against any charges or allegations levied against them.  In fact, our laws provide that guilty or not, unless the prosecution can prove their case against you, you are supposed to go free.  

Of course I do agree with you whole heartedly, but can you imagine how many people would be in prison on trumped up charges if our laws did not provide this right? Further, you know who would be railed-roaded the most; the same people that are while these laws are in place today.  I guess I should say that if these laws were not in place there would be even more people, especially Black and/or Brown people languishing away in prisons across America on trumped up charges or regardless to the fact that the prosecution did not prove a case against them.  

In this case, one of two things will happen:

1.  This guy will be given the appearance of a defense by an attorney that has been appointed to him, you know, the kind of defense that Black people get when they are defendants in an American court.

2.  Some attorney(s) will diligently defend him in order the reap the benefits of gaining a reputation as very good defense attorneys.

Either way this guy is going to be tried and convicted and is probably looking at the death penalty; there is just going to have to be a lot of taxpayer's money wasted just come to that conclusion.