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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

Originally posted by Cholly:
bang Roll Eyes ek td6 Major Hasan, a Muslim military officer, warned senior military officers of potential threats (maybe at the time he wasn't referring to himself but!) and instead of listening to someone who knew exactly what happening within the military ranks and taking positive action, they got pissed, blew it off and labeled him and devalued his effectiveness and abilities as a military officer."

Then it happens and now everyone is in shock. bang

And the thing is ... it's not only "this type of thing" that's a problem in the military! Eek

Thousands of low rank-and-file soldiers have confirmed states of mental illness and PTSD, and while they don't go in and shoot up military bases, they are murdering themselves and their wives and children and other family members along the way!

They are violent and combative within normal society and the end up getting a 'free pass' because they are soldiers, and the military needs to put them back out into combat for another tour of duty! Roll Eyes td6

To add insult to injury ...once they do exhibit enough of a deteriorated mental state to be deemed unfit to serve, they are kicked out with no medical treatment made available to them because the Pentagon doesn't want to pay for the damage they have done to these soldiers after they have used them to capacity and them spit them out! Mad

I dunno ... both the President and the First Lady have vowed to make veterans issues a top priority. I hope they put their money where their mouths are ... because if anybody deserves to be compensated for their service, it is the men and women of the military who take an oath to lay down their lives for us every single day.

And the fact that they are soooooo mistreated, really pisses me the hell off! bang