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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
I think you're right, Cholly! It seems they have discovered that they need to close the barn door now the horse is looonnngg gone! Eek

(QUOTE)The Army leadership at Fort Hood will "take a very hard look at ourselves and look at anything that might have been done to have prevented this," he said at a news conference.

"Hasan was a soldier, and we have other soldiers ... that might have some of the same stress and indicators that he has," Cone said. "We have to look across our entire formation, not just in a medical community, but really look hard to our right and left. That's the responsibility for everybody, from the top to the bottom, to make sure we're taking care of our own."

Cone said Monday that he has instructed commanders at Fort Hood to "immediately take a hard look and make sure if there's anybody out there struggling [that] we're going to address their issues."

Typical example of how the Army screwed this up bigtime:

Fort Hood suspect warned of threats within ranks.

Major Hasan said Muslim troops should be released as conscientious objectors.

Exerpt: from article:

"The Army psychiatrist believed to have killed 13 people at Fort Hood warned a roomful of senior Army physicians a year and a half ago that to avoid "adverse events," the military should allow Muslim soldiers to be released as conscientious objectors instead of fighting in wars against other Muslims".

" As a senior-year psychiatric resident at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Maj. Nidal M. Hasan was supposed to make a presentation on a medical topic of his choosing as a culminating exercise of the residency program.

Instead, in late June 2007, he stood before his supervisors and about 25 other mental health staff members and lectured on Islam, suicide bombers and threats the military could encounter from Muslims conflicted about fighting in the Muslim countries of Iraq and Afghanstan, according to a copy of the presentation obtained by The Washington Post".

""It was really strange," said one staff member said one staff member who attended the presentation and spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the investigation of Hasan. "The senior doctors looked really upset" at the end. These medical presentations occurred each Wednesday afternoon, and other students had lectured on new medications and treatment of specific mental illnesses.

An Army spokesman said Monday night he was unaware of the presentation, and a Walter Reed spokesman declined to comment. It is unclear whether anyone in attendance reported the briefing to counterintelligence or law enforcement authorities whose job is to identify threats from within the military ranks."

"It was really strange'? No, that was a warning.

bang Roll Eyes ek td6 Major Hasan, a Muslim military officer, warned senior military officers of potential threats (maybe at the time he wasn't referring to himself but!) and instead of listening to someone who knew exactly what happening within the military ranks and taking positive action, they got pissed, blew it off and labeled him and devalued his effectiveness and abilities as a military officer."

Then it happens and now everyone is in shock. bang

But just pay attention ans see the straight line direction the military will go.

They started yesterday with the FBI/CIA working the Al Qaeda/Taliban angle: who he knew and where he worshipped, not the angle that the Army completely dropped the ball and not report information/incidents of this type, investigate and provide necessary training for all soldiers within their own ranks.

Reports say that despite who he knew and corresponded with, currently they have deemed him a lone gunman with no ties to anyone else but they will keep digging to try and connect him someway, somehow.

The MSM/FBI/CIA wouldn't want to further embrass the most powerful Army in the world? Roll Eyes

This is the exactly the boneheaded problem that many ranking military members have and it filters down through the ranks to the lowest levels. Power thrumping common sense thinking. bang
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