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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

Quote by Koco: "His attempt to contact Al Qaeda should have been enough to get him off the streets then.

What I don't understand is how you believe the military is behind this?"
I am not implying tht the military is behind this.

I am saying that the military severely dropped the ball and did not properly plan/train/advise/analyze their Officer/NCO chain-of-command and foot soldiers of the possibility of this type of situation happening.

And not only the impossibility of this happening in the U.S. at a military installation on U.S. soil (they never beleived that) and the fact that Army officers/enlisted personnel of Muslim desent/religion could possibly do something this.

If it were a Army private or sergeant, they would attribute it to his Muslim beliefs and his opposition to the war but an Officer? One of their own ranking members who took the oath of office as a military Officer, despite him being Muslim?

They probably never even considered that and if someone brought it up, they brushed it off.

When the war in Iraq first started, a soldier, one of the first to arrive in Iraq in 2002, who opposed the war because of his beliefs and was constantly harassed by fellow soldiers at the height of the war, acquired two hand grenades and threw them into a tent, killing and wounding several soldiers.

The Army's response to the American MSM and American publicat the beginning of the invasion: he was a Islamic symphatizer & terrorist. That soldier is currently serving a long term prison sentence at the military prison at Fort. Levenworth, Kansas.

That was a warning sign and they did nothing. Either missed it, avoided it or because the Army was in attack mode, they forgot about it.

The Army has not properly prepared their soldiers and hae not done a deep analysis of this potential threat.

Listening to the Generals (active & retired) all over TV explaining themselves are some of the most clueless members of the military.

They are people who have made it through the officer ranks to the top of theor profession and are responsible for making/establish Army policy, training, priority rules.

At the very top they are basically all "think tank": they filter command and control down throughout the military chain-of-command to the lowest levels and, just like any organization, priority of training/infomation is done at the lower levels of manager/supervisor levels (Lieutenant/Captain/Commanders/Senior Sergeants) to ensure the training/teaching to the lower ranks (Private, Sergeant).

And just like any organization, when they visit, are briefed, given installation tours or ask questions, 99.99% of the time, everything is cleaned up, dressed up or hidden and CEO's and Generals are always given the "everything is OK" ish by their lower level commanders/managers so that there will be mimimal drama.

IMO, I just don't believe that they planned for this, avoided it or reconsidered (when similiar events of Muslim soldier misconduct) that they needed to make a priority of this.

The Army bottom line: fight, protect, defend, blow shit up and kill the enemy.

I understand that they have to investigate through their channels but don't just go down the road of what the FBI/CIA has surfaced (true or untrue) or who the Major knew, who he worshipped with just to establish a connection of "he was one of them and we missed it" and allow the MSM to feed the American public their version of the truth.

The Army dropped the ball, did not train/think this would happen and now the entire U.S. military is very nervous and on edge that this may happpen again, on U.S. soil, in Iraq or Afghanstan.

Sensativity training for U.S. soldiers in the war zone while in Iraq toward Iraq civilians and Iraq military personnel? Priority.

Sensativity training, re-training and follow-up for U.S. Army soldiers towards their own U.S. Muslim soldiers? Probably not a priority.

The Army has an open can of worms, is now on speed dail and will upgrade their base security, have tons of Islamic/sensitivity training now, ask/question/counsel all soldiers, have the Army Chaplains (ministers) heavily involved, focus primarily on Muslim soldiers (even have them lead/teach training classes), make it a priority and let all of the MSM & the American people know exactly what they are doing but it may be a little too late.

America has the most powerful military in the world and due to ineptitude and lack of priority training/attention, they have been compromsed.