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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

Originally posted by Cholly:
Originally posted by ocatchings:
The "he just snapped theory" is looking weaker and weaker by the minute..............


It's been reported that he is now breathing and talking on his own.

IMO, when he decided to join ROTC while in college, graduated, received a officer's commision as a Second Lieutenant in the Army after college decided to become a medical physican and at that time, was a recruited sleeper cell "plant" for Al Qaeda/Taliban all along, for 10 long years was to join the Army and (at some point in his career with Al Qaeda/Taliban assistance) commit this or some other planned terrorist act? It was pre-meditated.

If not that, and his thinking was overturned/ seduced and overtime, twisted, disillusioned, angry sentiment and he grew (while in Army uniform) from being a good, motivated, dedicated U.S. military Army officer turned Islamic terrorist based on his negative treatment towards himself (he received a lot of shit, both inside and outside the military in his everyday life) his religiousbeliefs/views and the wars against his Muslim religion and his ilk and his outlet/refuge was sympathizing with Al Qaeda/Taliban (text messages, e-mails, phone calls, Muslim religious services etc), then, IMO, he snapped.

People all the time having jobs/occupations, go to work everyday and perform their duties with no intention to do anybody harm but, and at some point, for some reason (after so many years and a negative or series of negative events, ie, firing, lay-off, mistreatment(s), etc) go back to that job bearing loaded weapons and shoot/kill/wound people.

Most recent: Last Friday in Orlando, Fl.

Jason Rodriguez, the suspect in the shooting at the Legions Place office building, leaves the Orlando Police Department building in Orlando

It happens all the time.

Was he an Al Qaeda plant purposely placed in the Army, by Al Qaeda/Taliban from day one, a good military officer turned Islamic symphatizer due to consistant negativity/attacks/war/killings on his own kind? In other words, he just a pissed off soldier.

The Army can investigate, via the FBI/CIA and try to tie him to Al Qaeda (true or not) in order to please the public and sway the incident away from themselves but they need to look squarely at themselves.

For me, I am not convinced and/or letting the U.S. Army/military off the hook and lessen their ultimate responsibility/accountibility on this!

It's reported that there are over 4,000 Muslims actively servicing in the Army and throughout the entire military service, probably thousands more.

The Army and the entire military has a problem.

They need to fix it and I hope that they tell the whole truth about this incident.

His attempt to contact Al Qaeda should have been enough to get him off the streets then.
What I don't understand is how you believe the military is behind this?

I'm not sure if he was a plant or recruited, but what I do know is the same thing the FBI, CIA and other alphbets know, our adversaries are patient.
That was one thing I remembered from every AAR I attended. Don't rush, be careful and don't be fooled into a fale sense of security.

As far as that Rodriquez bum, he was laid off 2 years ago. Alternatives: look for another job, get a gym membership, play some golf, or sit around and sulk about it. Hmmmmm seems like this dolt decided to use the normal thing, blame everyone else and hold them responsible.
So are you saying that someone else should take the blame for his actions?