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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

Originally posted by shulamite:
Cholly, do you think Major Hasan just "snapped" or do you think he planted himself in the Army with a strategic goal to kill Americans someday?

I think that he snapped because he joined the military in 1997, 2.5 years earlier, pre-9-11.

After finishing college, he got an all expenses paid for, via the military, a costly medical education and a Army commission as a Second Lieutenant, (all he had to do was serve a certain amount of time in the Army to pay it back) and he kept getting promoted to higher rank for the next 10 years.

And pre 9-11, there was very little or no resentment (at least not at this level) towards himself (he felt safe & secure as an American) & Muslim Americans. 9-11 & Iraq happened (bad timimg for Muslims) and no one saw it coming.

For 8 of those 10 years, he served in the Army, he served under the umbrella of post 9-11 world wide religious Muslim resentment, hate and war against his people.

Remember, after 9-11, Muslims (for a little while and still now) replaced us in the "racism towards a race of people" department.

Muslims weren't even on the radar, pre 9-11, of American citizens. Hispanics & Asians got more flak than Muslims at that time.

But it's hard to tell either way but both set of factors (constant harassment stress along with possible jihad "supported" religious beliefs) probably could have set him off.

Only he knows if he snapped, was a plant or was convinced over the years by fellow Muslims but I think that he snapped.

Being in the military is extremely challenging stressful, very demanding and hard, even during peace time. As for officers, they are leaders and much is expected of you.

Unlike civilians, there is a straight line code of professionalism and ethnics that military officers walk everyday.

And in today's terorists climate, The Taliban & Al Qaeda are constantly working terrorist angles and what better way to defaet an Army that to do it from the inside?

The Taliban and Al Qaeda may resent the fact that Muslim Americana serving in the U.S. military is fighting against them but if they can find consistant weak links in the system and convert thinking through religious faith and beliefs, it's an advantage for them.

And hopefully, if he recovers and comes out of his coma (and the Army will interrogate him) they may find out but as I stated before the Army dropped the ball: left the door wide open, lowering recruitment standards for years, allowing citizens with criminal records, felons and possible Muslim jihadists to serve (here on American soil as well as on the battlefield) and if the Army did not realize that (I think that they did know) they know it now.
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