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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

Quote by Koco: "If a person WANTED to leave the military".
Koco, you are absoluty right.

He could have gone AWOL, be extremely subordinate to a superior officer, commit an extreme ethnics violation, a crime (outside of this act) etc., in order to position himself for Army dismissal; a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge and his Muslim religious probably (and other influences) were probably interconnected with this planned massacre of U.S. soldiers. That will be throughly investigated and the facts will reveal but IMO, the U.S. Army, the entire U.S. military, the Pentagon, the Joints Chiefs Of Staff and the White House dropped the ball big time on this and have a MASSIVE racial (Muslim, Black etc) and highly possible, inter-terrorist problem among it's military ranks.

And it has never been properly addressed. Never.

It reminds me of when the Iraq War first started. American forces invaded that country and from the lips of our WH leaders (VP Chaney) and it's military generals, they proudly stated that "we we going to be greeted as liberators by te Iraqui people".

And what happened? Extreme chaos, looting, killing and the destruction of an entire 1000+ years Iraq civilization with no military exit stragety plan.

The Army and the entire U.S, military has the exact same problem with this and the spin machine (along with the help of the MSM) is in full effect right now tryin' to divert this and provide cover for this situation and not answer/hide/evade the real questions and do the real work.

And when the facts bear out, will they tell/reveal the truth or cover-up?

They did not do it with ex-pro football Pat Tillman who was killed by friendly fire in Iraq, made him a Silver Star, national hero under false circumstances, lied to the Tillman family for years until exposed and the very general who was in charge of that entire operation and primarily responsible/accountable for the Pat Tillman situation,, General McChrystal, the now Commanding General of troops in Afghanstan, who undermines Pres Obama and wants to rush in 50,000-60,000 more troops in Afghanstan?

Not much comfort in truth-telling here.

The Army will do the usual, mourn the dead, provide solice, comfort/support it's military families, make the necessary adjustments to satisfy the tax-paying public and once that is accomplished, will the public & the MSM ask the hard questions? Will the Army dig deep into this problem or just write it off as an isolated incident and carry on as usual since they are wars to fight?

These generals, they roll out, (both active duty & retired), who have no clue as to what's really going on among it's ranks) will feed and sell you with the usual lip service, "military policy talk" all day long.

Also, remember, since the war began, the military (especially the Army) had (and still have) an extremely hard time recruiting young civilians for active duty and drastically lowered it recruiting standards just to keep their heads above water and meet those monthly quotas.

Question? How many, (under normal recruiting circumstances, would not have been approved to serve) were approved or purposely slipped through the cracks by those military recruiters and how many, as to your point, were extreme Muslim symphathizers, possibly "sleeper cell" jihadists?

The Army wasn't doing hard backround checks of potential recruits, for 8 years. They needed bodies to fight in Iraq and Afghanstan.

They may try but cannot blame this on Major Malik Nadal Hasan.

The U.S. military, by it own fault and ineptness, has a huge internal soldier problem.

The fact that he was a seasoned, ranking military officer, college educated, medically trained psycharist does not matter. he could have been a helicopter pilot, mechanic or a cook.

And they left the door wide open fro
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