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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
He said that he was a good, quiet tenant ... but that he had left instructions that NOBODY be allowed in his apt. (no repair people, etc.) when he wasn't there or without his express permission. And that the mgr. hadn't seen him have one visitor there until the day before the attack! This visitor was a dark-skinned Middle-Eastern man wearing Arab-type garb. The man stayed a short time and then left!

That coupled with the fact that every news story I've seen on it says that there was no plausible reason that the good doctor should have been carrying a (let alone 2) weapons on his person, in that area, at that time! It was a civilian officer that took him down ... because most of the soldiers there were not armed!

Sooooo ... that made me think that there was at least a measure of premeditation there ... if not for an outright conspiracy! And that the conspiracy theory is at least ... at the very least, a possibility! 19

Many other people are coming out of the woodwork now claiming that he was very vocally outspoken about his dissatisfaction with the war(s) and the U.S. culpability in them. So, I'm thinking that, yeah ... he might have "snapped" ... but, it was NOT just in that instant, overwhelmed at that moment, in that place and time.
I don't think anybody is saying it wasn't premeditated; clearly he had planned this out. He no doubt snapped some time ago. Just like that white guy earlier this year who shot up the gym. Remember, like Cholly & OCatchings noted, this guy wanted to LEAVE the military, but the army said no. So he was fretting, and probably couldn't take it.

But the religious element undoubtedly played a part here, IMO. And this is why, regardless of why this happened, he has doomed relations between Arab-Americans and everyone else for a good while. AND, his dumb ass is likely to live to see it.

I'd like to know who that guy is who visited him the night before, but for all we know that was a falafel delivery guy... Meanwhile, I am looking forward to learning what ultimately comes of the investigation.