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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

Quote: Originally posted by ocatchings:

1. He was picked on and called names.

So? If that is the case there should be a mass killing daily on every installation. If a subordinate disrespected him they would be disciplined. If a peer or superior did it same thing. He most likely got his panties in a bunch b/c no one wanted to jump on his band wagon.

2. He was worried/scared about his upcoming deployment.

He had never deployed so what exactly was he worried about???

Why aren't these credible explanations?
They are credible.

During peacetime, when the U.S. is not at war, soldiers killing/wounding other soldiers is something that happens througout the military, world-wide, all the time.

Maybe not to this magnitude, but it does happen and when it does, the Army and the other military branches via the military legal system; the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ) handles their problems and takes care of their own.

Regular American citizens never hear about it and only because we are at war (and this is a rarity) are these situations are highly visible to the public.

And one of the main reasons for these soldier's killing deaths? Harrassment or in other words, soldiers fuckin' with other soldiers and in this case, Major Malik Nadal Hasan was a victim of possible constant pressure & daily harassment because he was Muslim (he did not/could not hide it and his own family acknowledged it) and him being a ranking Army officer only made it worse and contributed to his actions.

Soldiers, at time (both male & female), can be some evil-thinking, cruel, non-caring, disrespectful human beings hidden under the guise and military uniform of the hard-core, gung ho, "duty first" environment that the military lives in.

Think about it.

He is an American-born, devout, religious and practicing Muslim in the U.S. military who joined the military prior to the occurance of 9-11. He joined to serve his country as an officer and soldier equal to all others.

He joined into the Army in 1997 after college and became a doctor via the U.S. military (which paid for his medical schooling and internship etc) so he was locked into his Army career & committment to the Army for at least 6 years due to the Army paying for his complete medical training.

Then 9-11 happened and what race and religious sect was on the chopping block for American rage, pressure, resentment & hate? Muslims.

So Major Malik Nadal Hasan, for the last 8 years as an Army officer, had to endure the scrunity and resentment pointed directly & indirectly at him (from subordinate, peer and superior) on a daily basis from fellow soldiers while at the same time performing his assigned and medical duties as a medical physican (and a psycharist for the last year) caring for, tending to, listening to and mentoring the very soldiers who were fighting and killing his own people during wartime fighting against his own ilk, Muslims (Al Qaeda, Taliban, Iraq, Afghanstan ans Pakistan citizens) who live, practice and live religiously just like him.

In a war in Iraq that was totally illegial.

Army Majors have a mimimum of 10+ years in service. For his first 2.5 years in the Army (pre 9-11), no problem. After 9-11, things got worse for him.

Why didn't he get out of the Army? He probably couldn't. The military instituted the Stop-Loss Progam, which means that as along as the U.S. military is at war, solders are needed and the military locks you down: you cannot resign, retire or get out as you regularily would, especially if you are deemed a vital & critical asset and since he was a psycharist with all these returning from the war zone PTSD cases, he probably fit that criteria.

To me that's like (as an example) a Black psycharist in the Pre-Civil Rights 1940's-1950's doing his job: counseling member after member of the Ku Klux Klan and everyday racist White folk as they discuss hanging, burning and killing niggers in a society that fully supports it.

And who in the military chain-of-command was he going to complain to? Not his boss/superiors or his military American-born Christain peers, they weren't going to listen to an Army officer complain and bitch about his ills (especially since he is an Muslim) since officers are supposed to lead, command, direct, "suck it up and move on". You are an Army officer, you solve problems, not make them.

His subordinates, peers & superiors would deem him as a complainer: an ineffective and inadequate leader not fit for greater accountability and/or resposibilities.

In other words, dead weight.

That Army Major felt the pressures of his daily ridicule by his military for his religious beliefs, the constant killing and criticisms of his Muslim brethern in the American media cycles and the war zone(s), and his opinions & voice (outside of the comfort of his Muslim brothers & sisters) was silenced as a military officer performing his duites.

He snapped but this is not the first time that a solder has snapped and killed. For a military officer (especially a high ranking one) to do this, that's unusual.

I keep hearing on the MSM from everybody (civilian & soldier) saying "why would he do this, kill his own?"

Either, we can't be that dumb, playing dumb or are trying to evade the real truth here.

As for his deployment? He had no choice. he was going to deploy and he knew exactly what he was going in to and that reality probably scared the hell out of him.

There are thousands of Muslim Americans who serve in all branches of the U.S. military and I'll bet you that they have been and are being harrassed daily.

Just remember that the U.S. military is considered a large country that expands world-wide and "life" happens.

The Army has dropped the ball on this problem (in the U.S., overseas & during wartime) for a long time. I am waiting to see how truthful the Army will be about this reality and not wedge this as an isolated incident.
Here is an exerpt from the news article: "Muslims at Fort Hood voice outrage".

"Leaders of the vibrant Muslim community here expressed outrage on Friday at the shooting rampage being laid to one of their members,But some of the men who had befriended Major Hasan at the mosque said the military should examine the policies that might have caused him to snap.

“When a white guy shoots up a post office, they call that going postal,” said Victor Benjamin II, 30, a former member of the Army. “But when a Muslim does it, they call it jihad".

“Ultimately it was Brother Nidal’s doing, but the command should be held accountable,” Mr. Benjamin said. “G.I.’s are like any equipment in the Army. When it breaks, those who were in charge of keeping it fit should be held responsible for it.”

Good point. tfro
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