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Reply to "Rampage At Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Installation."

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Those soldiers have been telling the military - and their doctors - that they have been overstressed and brain damaged from multiple deployments for YEARS now.

The military tells them there's nothing wrong with them and sends the back out for another tour. Roll Eyes

Maybe those in charge will start to listen to what these men and women are trying to say to them, now!


Nidal Hasan, M.D., M.P.H.,

NBC news just reported that the Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan, 39, who was the gunman, was a Army doctor (Psychiatrist) and he was about to be deployed to either Iraq or Afghanstan.

He is a graduate of Virginia Tech Univ and did his medical training and residency in the U.S. Army. He had a clean record, was recently promoted to the rank of Major and was newly assigned to Fort Hood.
****Gunman was shot multiple times and wounded by a female soldier (probably a military police (MP); he did not die. He is currently hospitalized in stable condition under heavy security.****

Gunman was harassed by other military members because he was Muslim and of Eastern desent.

Gunman used semi-automatic weapons, not Army issue, probably personally and legally bought and owned.
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