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Reply to "Raise Hell About Chicago Violence"

I still say that just like thinking of most Americans when it comes to problems, African Americans are are trapped in that same mindset of only using band-aids on cancer sores when it comes to the violence, crime and injustice in Black community.


Policing the gang violence and drug dealing is only putting band-aids on the cancer sores of African America.  It is no different from sending out people with buckets to dip the water from flooded areas when there is a hole in the dam; until someone admits that there is a hole in the dam in the first place, and actually seals up the hole in the dam, no matter how many people with buckets are dipping the water out of the flooded area, it will continue to remain flooded and all the people's hard work is a waste.  


African America is going to have to demand that the police "PROTECT AND SERVE" and police forces are rid of racist and psychotic police officers, where Black people are concerned, or just stay the hell out of our communities.


The actual source of illegal drugs have to be cut off:


African America is going to have to file a Class-Action Lawsuit against the United States of America, the DEA, and the Justice Department demanding that they change their Drug Policy of waiting until drugs reach the Black community, young Black males, bypassing, skipping totally over every hierarchy of the chain of illegal drug supply, before they actually do anything regarding illegal drug activity.





The actual source of the guns have to be cut off:


African America has to go after the weak gun laws and all the loopholes in them that allow people to legally purchase and flood guns into the Black community without consequence.





Those that have children/teenagers in trouble or in the streets engaging in gang and drug activity and that have gun charges, need to be required to take parenting classes or be evaluated to see if they are contributing or aiding and abetting their child's delinquency.


Unfortunately, some families are going to have to give family members ultimatums for them to chose their illegal/criminal/drug/gang activity or their family.


African America is going have to demand that their county and city officials implement Curfews for anyone under eighteen years of age.


African Americans are going to have to demand that their representatives on the Local, State and Federal level access and educate African America about the numerous government grants that could be used to create after-school, week-end, summer and educational programs for their communities.


African Americans knowledgeable of real estate, banking and finance should be tapped to ensure that as many African Americans as possible are actually owning instead of renting the homes and property(ies) in African America.


African America is going to have to STOP supporting entities like the entertainment industry/record industry, for example, that do nothing but negatively influence young African Americans and brainwash/socially condition them into believing the worst stereotypes of African America, Black people are the 'norm'.