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Reply to "Radio Raheem's Personal tribute to Interracial couples"

Thanks to all, for the compliments.. Smile


Thanks so much for your post.....

I dont have the type of personality, that allows me to sit back, keep quiet.......when something, or someone is attacking/hurting me. (yes im very outspoken lol)

Reading this, made me think back about my experiences. I've never judged or looked at a black man, just because of his skin color. I've always loved all skin tones.....and i couldnt understand why i wasnt viewed as beautiful to black men....but beautiful to other races.

You mentioned some things that black men actually say to me today:

"Youre beautiful for a dark skinned woman" Mad

"Your hair is beautiful, why is it so straight?" (How the fuck am i supposed to know?)

"Your features are fine, what are you?" "Whats your heritage?" (You cant tell my azz is black?)

This is not only rude.....but it causes me to attack, because my complexion, is always the center of conversation. Im just tired of the behavior of 'some' black people/men.

Now im thinking........after all i've been through, black men want me to approach them? Yeah ok!!!!!

Virtue.....Thanks again.........i've always said, it'll be interesting to see black people (those that hate their own) in 10 years. kiss