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Reply to "Radio Raheem's Personal tribute to Interracial couples"

Originally posted by qty226:
Black Viking...

Black men have options........and they are exercising those options. (Im just one of many women they can chose from)

As i've mentioned before (some people want to ignore this fact)........this is a problem in the black community. If a woman is too dark.....she goes unnoticed, i dont care how beautiful she is. Her light skinned friends, are the ones that get picked first!! They only want me, after these women turn them down....!!

This has always been a problem for me. Its happened since high school, and im therefore cautious of black men.

(Yeah, as Thayfen mentioned, the truth can be ugly)

I dont complain about the situation, i just move on in life.

That's a truth that some people don't really know.... and I can understand your apprehension. I know you pretty well... u're prettier than a lot of your friends.