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Reply to "Radio Raheem's Personal tribute to Interracial couples"

From Vox's "That's Right, I Said It!" Department...

Any man or woman -- but especially women, for reasons I could discuss -- who complains, like QTY does, that the opposite sex doesn't want them for this reason or that, are consciously choosing to seek out opportunities to reinforce their complaint. They may want a man, but their desire to have a man is not as strong as their desire to complain about the men who don't want them. As a result, they devote more focus on the men to complain about, and less on the men who they could have. QTY, if you look anything like you do in the various avatars you've put up, there is no way that you can't find black men who find you attractive enough to want to get with. Where I'm from, men will get with just about any woman who throws them some play. And I've never been anywhere where I didn't notice that was the case.

Until the past year or so, most of my life was spent having serious problems attracting women. I was almost always alone. Throughout this time, I knew some black men who preferred to date white women. They ALWAYS would say that their preference was because black women were "too loud, too uneducated, too belligerent," etc.

The reason I brought up the fact that I was always alone was this: despite my limited opportunities with women, I never found myself having to date the type of women that these guys were talking about. I knew plenty of black women who were uneducated, belligerent, and too loud. But the women I always found myself dating were attractive, intelligent, nurturing, nice women. I didn't feel like I was being too selective, either. I had the same quality of women as I seem to find now, even though my opportunities back then were a lot more limited than they are now.

This led me to the conclusion that if a guy like me, who had a hard time meeting women, was still able to pick from the kind of black women that I wanted to be with, then these other black guys should not have had a problem finding them either. So they were making up a bullshit excuse for why they preferred to date white women.

At the same time, I used to notice that black women would spend more time bashing the men who were off-limits, and no time on giving the time of day to the men who weren't. If I'm alone in a train station, and there's a black guy with his white girlfriend and their baby, the two black women would completely ignore me and badmouth the other black guy. If I'm standing there alone, and Jo-Jo Gold-Toof is also standing alone, the black women will completely ignore me and focus on badmouthing Jo-Jo Gold-Toof. If I'm standing alone, and an effeminate gay guy is there, black women standing there are lamenting the fact that the other guy is gay... again, completely ignoring me.

You may want a man. But what you want even more is to complain and commiserate about the fact that you don't have a man. The desire for romance is dwarfed by the psychological need to temporarily sooth the bruised ego through criticism and complaint (while prolonging and worsening the problem in the process, though). QTY, you completely overlook the guys who are attracted to you, so you can concentrate on the ones who don't. In fact, if I had time, I would conduct an experiment right here on this site to prove it.

While you've been on this site, QTY, I recall that you have at times been complimented on this site by brothers who (like me) found you attractive. How many lines of text do you think you have written on this website addressing them, versus the number of lines of text you've written addressing men who've been criticizing you?

I would bet the ratio is at least 50 to one. If I'm anywhere near close, then case closed. In that case, you've got some things to think about, if real happiness is your goal.