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Reply to "Radio Raheem's Personal tribute to Interracial couples"

Originally posted by qty226:
Originally posted by HonestBrother:
Originally posted by qty226:
I've mentioned on this board, that in my area.........TONS of black men are dating white women.
On this board.....several black men have stated that they date white women.

Now with all of this going on........what did you think was going to happen? (What happened was....this allowed white men the right, to approach black women.......and it happens

I don't know about where you live but where I live I don't see tons of black men dating white women.

And if I'm one of the people on these boards you're talking about (dating white women), I'VE ALSO said that I've dated black women exclusively (EXCLUSIVELY - that is turning down everyone else) for the last few years. And if I've dated white women in the past, it's because I couldn't find a black woman who

1) Didn't have a major attitude problem about black men

2) Wasn't look for a 6 figure earning fancy car driving man

3) Wasn't looking for a 6 ft. tall guy with a little (or even a lot of) thug in him

4) Wasn't a Jesus freak from Mars

5) Just was plain not interested for whatever reason.

I repeat, I've EXCLUSIVELY dated black women for a few years now and its been the most depressing dating period of my life. I'm tired of this crap.

I'm not saying that I'm Denzel. I'm not chopped liver either. But DAAAAYUM. My experience seems to suggest that Sistas have some major damn problems too......

So i can say the same about you, that Dissident, is saying about black women........??

Youre making excuses!!! ???????

I'm not making excuses. I'm telling you honestly about my real world life experience. EVERY time I go near a sista it seems like I should expect the same outcome. NADA. And I've gone out with more than 20 people (black women) in the last few years. I look back at my life and I see that I have a much better track record dating white women. And I have to seriously asking myself what the hell is the matter.

I'm serious. I DON'T KNOW. This shit DRIVES ME CRAZY.

I just met this sista a week ago. And I thought I'd finally hit pay dirt. I mean I was EXCITED. Even she said that I was the only guy she's met in the last 7 years she was really interested in dating. But no. Once again, there's a hitch.


Then I have to sit back and listen to "There are no good black men", "Black men don't want us", etc., etc.

Bullshit. Based on my experience, I don't think that black men are the only ones with a problem. Because NONE of the things black women complain about apply in my case. I'm (very) educated, professional, decent looking (some say downright handsome), and serious about finding (preferably) a black woman for a longterm relationship. And I come up empty handed EVERY time. Even if I was doing something majorly wrong, statistically you'd still expect a better outcome. And the fact that I've had much better success with other ethnicities says I can't be doing anything THAT majorly wrong. My conclusion?: Brothas may have some major problems. But the reality - which black women refuse to face up to - is we're not alone.
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