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Reply to "Radio Raheem's Personal tribute to Interracial couples"

"What do you mean by "if black men are not desiring this"? I see Black men desiring black women everyday. I see Black men marrying and having children with black women everyday. What planet are you from? This is the same scripted crapola I hear from a few disgruntled women who make excuses for their short-comings in the dating scene...and their self-hatred and emotional insecurities often exaserbates the problem. The defeatist psyche of some women always pollutes the minds of many. I'm sick of it! Honestly those same women who make excuses should take a hard look at themselves. More often than not they are the problem and not black men they frequently chastise."


I've mentioned on this board, that in my area.........TONS of black men are dating white women.

I've also mentioned that those that visit this city, are oftened shocked that this is taking place. (I went to a concert, Mike Epps, said he couldnt believe how many MEN date interracially here)

I went to a club last weekend......and stood around as black men........ran behind the white women. The club was filled with black men/white women. (ohh and believe me.......not to be vain, but i was on point! It didnt matter) I left!!

These pro ball players, entertainers....ALL have white wives, etc.........this went on for years, and NO ONE complained, except black women. (You mentioned the William sisters, who was called every name in the book. At least they interact with others that are on their level, financially. What male ball player do you know do the same?)

On this board.....several black men have stated that they date white women.

Now with all of this going on........what did you think was going to happen? (What happened was....this allowed white men the right, to approach black women.......and it happens

I recalled a year ago, black women complaining about this, and black men making women are fat, black, ugly, uneducated, loud, etc.

Black women got tired of hearing this, and moved on.

For the most part.......MOST black men are OK with dating I/R.......and i cant understand why you feel its OK for them..........but not ok for black women.

I've always dated black men......because deep in my heart, thats who i love, and im quite sure a lot of black women feel this way.

But after seeing all of this........what did you expect black women to do?