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Reply to "Radio Raheem's Personal tribute to Interracial couples"

Originally posted by Dissident:
Originally posted by qty226:Let me answer your question with a question..........

What makes you think they are not in love.........?

If they get married, family etc.....then who am i to dispute it?

My hopes are to find a black man that i can love, and give him several gifts, of beautiful black babies..............but if black men are not desiring this, what should i do?

I don't know if they're committed or not...neither do you. That was my point. You based your assumption of 'love' on a photograph. You were reading into things. How two people inner act in public may be something totally different in private. However I can say with certainty...from my own observations and life experiences...the few black women i've encountered who may head down that unforgiveable road of no return do so not for love but superficial rationale as I stated earlier... while perpetuate double standards in black men vs white men of dating/marriage material. I can elaborate but do you really want me too?

What do you mean by "if black men are not desiring this"? I see Black men desiring black women everyday. I see Black men marrying and having children with black women everyday. What planet are you from? This is the same scripted crapola I hear from a few disgruntled women who make excuses for their short-comings in the dating scene...and their self-hatred and emotional insecurities often exaserbates the problem. The defeatist psyche of some women always pollutes the minds of many. I'm sick of it! Honestly those same women who make excuses should take a hard look at themselves. More often than not they are the problem and not black men they frequently chastise.

You may find this strange but, black women I date don't have any issues with black men. Nor do they ever say they can't find good black men. However, I find it repugnant when I hear a black woman publically tear down black men (especially in the company of non-black people) and complain about black male ineligibility e.g., there are no good black men, can't find eligible black men etc.

In my lifetime I can say with absolute certainty that I have never ever, ever, ever, heard any white or asian woman say all white or asian men are dogs, or they can't find a good man of their own race. Nor do I know of or ever heard of any white or asian woman who's been in a sour relationship ever say they no longer desire to date or marry men of their own race. This phenomenom is only prevalent among black people. Why? A white man can murder his pregnant wife, sever her head off and throw her body in the ocean over a extramarital affair yet white women still love white men nor will they abandon white men. A black man repossess his credit card from a black woman and suddenly all black men are no good dogs. Go figure.

Lastly, I find it disturbing it wasn't too long ago white men systematically raped black women for sport... for power... the same women that belong to a race who were labeled 3/5 human by those who were doing the raping. I wonder if black women take comfort in knowing a system of supremacy is indoctrinated towards white male privilege which is the same system that destroys black families and black male masculinity? I also wonder if black women who erase high standards for non-black men do so with the assumption of non-black men courting black women unconditionally out of good faith? Not likely. It's not everyday a snivelling white man from the burbs courts a black tennis player from Compton....unless he has something to gain other than "love."

AMEN! tfro
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