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Reply to "Radiated Milk Sold In Black Neighborhoods : The Art of Slow Genocide"

Originally Posted by homie:

Sunnubian, you’re from Harlem?  I grew up in Flushing Queens (the IRT number 7 train to main street Flushing).   I grew up in Bland Projects which was the ghetto then now it’s the straight up HOOD which of course means murder is how its done today!  Neither of my parents saw 60 years of age, both died in the projects along with a host of others I grew up with.  It seems like those who remained in the projects died young, those who escaped to the Southern States or West coast survived!!




I'm not from anywhere near Harlem, but from probably the opposite of Harlem.  I was born and raised in 'Ole Dirty, the Dirty, Dirty South.  


I posted that article because I believe it is something that Black people should know about or contemplate, and ponder the possibility of it or similar targeting, happening to Black people anywhere in America.


I believe that what negatively impacts Black people in any part of America should be a concern for all African Americans no matter where we live .  


More than any other group in America, African Americans should be utilizing the virtually free medium of the internet and social media to communicate issues and politics and deliberate racist acts affecting African Americans.


So, I try to post and disseminate as much relevant information as possible, such as the above article, and try to pass on such information to as many mediums of African American communication as possible.


As many African Americans as possible should be taking advantage of this small window of time where the internet and social media has been allowed to be virtually free and uncontrolled to disseminate information that is or should be relevant to African America.  We need to seize this opportunity to bypass America's "mainstream media" that deliberately refuses print such information or go as far as to deliberately create "blackout" around issues, politics and racist acts against Black people in America.  

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