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Reply to "Racist social events/situations in America"

But... But...

You said you had all this info. And you took it to the level of confrontation.

Do you have some false pretense that once you present your evidence via journals you and/or Kevin has access to (as if that info. is locked away never to see the light of day in a BOOK... etc.)... do you think the simple recitation or even your presentation was suppose to change my mind or anyone's?

You have INSECURITY issues because you believe YOU know the TRUTH and no one else does...(or at least not me)...

You are also soooooooooo INSECURE that now it's POINTLESS, because you don't want to deal with getting "disrespected" or whatever kind of feelings you wear on your sleeve...

"it's not worth the space trying to debate anything with you"

I asked you for a discussion not a debate.
You have got to be the most annoying poster I have ever dealt with...

Being "ANNOYED" that's an emotional state right?
I thought you was ALL RATIONAL?