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Reply to "Racist social events/situations in America"

Kevin, my offer in providing you with facts, or in this case the reasoning behind my accusations towards you, as you requested still stands. If you will, i will provide you with the references so you can read them in full and will have plenty of ammunition.

THEORIES... my brother are not FACTS!!
Get that straight.

And since KEVIN or YOU have to provide me with references... WHAT??? I'm I suppose to be unlearned or DUMB?

Who's ready to run away?

I asked you to have a real discussion... but since you're insecure or something you feel threatened so you want to see it as a debate and you're full of apprehension and notions of winning and losing and AMMUNITION.


Where are you in your schooling? What have you had to say about KEVIN's degrees? That should tell you what I think about you and what you think you know and your condescending Highly Educated tone towards me.

Let's talk about, discuss what fits and what does not and why and if it is representative...