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Reply to "Racist social events/situations in America"

Haven't read... all of what you wrote...

But you need to chill with that UNREAD stuff.
Basically, what you or I feel about this is a matter of perspective and/or emphasis. To play the "I'm right" game is not a virtue of rationality. You can condescend to someone that cares.

And you of all people shouldn't talk in those terms because when my "boy" (and I know what the expression means) made a general statement, you took it person and wanted to meet with him to fight!

Now tell me who needs to cool down and who has the problem with staying rational.

Emotions, passion and RATIONALITY are not mutually exclusive... That is unless you are wholly indoctrinated by Western Thought and subscribe to that WorldView where there is no Unity of Opposites.

Now... on to the meat...
The VICTIM MENTALITY is but one THEORY to explain human activities. I would counter quickly with the Stockholm Syndrome... if you can figure that out.

Anyway... signs and symptoms alone does not a diagnosis make. Let's speak about complexity and "what I am talking about it is far more complicated than linking web articles [or someone else's theories]"...

Complexity can tell you that there may be more than ONE thing at play. There is such a thing as Multi-Disorders and causation - i.e. disorders and perhaps the most apparent disorder may be due to other disorder(s). And like a person's physical health, their own diet or rather things they have control over are not the only factors contributing to disease.

So, my invitation is about understanding how all this relates and how accurate ONE diagnosis of ONE disorder is. (It doesn't take reading for me to understand complexity...)

S A N K O F A : Return & Fetch It!
Learn from and build on the past. It is not taboo to return and fetch
what you have forgotten. You can always correct what went wrong.
In the past, you find the future and understand the present.