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Reply to "Racist social events/situations in America"


The respect stuff should fall on deaf ears for you because it wasn't directed at you. That posts was directed at Kev. The last point was for you acknowledging that some of the bad blood (if you can call it that) stems from other topics in which Kev and I have engaged one another.

I should have put his name on top. My bad.

"Your boy" is just an expression. Young people's stuff.

Calm down bro.

I am sorry I didn't read your post the first time, because I have learned from past dealing that you can't discuss anything rationally, and you haven't proven that you are capable of carrying on a civilized conversation. So usually, unless you put my name as a header, I tend to skip most of your posts, and didn't know that you were calling me out.

If you really want to discuss things with me, you are invited to get with Kevin41 and research those facts/theories Kev requested. As I said before, what I am talking about it is far more complicated than linking web articles about racism. My argument against Kevin41 and victimization is far different than that nonsense Lofton and his crew spews on this board.

If you are serious about it, just for you, I can come back and posts some info this weekend so you can find journals and books at the library which talk about the psychological theories I am talking about. I had assumed that the argument was between me and Kev and since he has not asked me for references and since he is a budding Rhodes Scholar who got his PhD at 35, he thought he could find the resources no problem.