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Reply to "Racism Out Of "Racism-Deniers""

What's up with Constructive Feedback? ...I'm heavily leaning towards the theory that he's white.
Whatever he is (Black or White), he has some serious issues.

Apparently, he has a long history with certain posters here. Back when there was a (original) forum on The Black World Today (TBWT) website, he went by the name CONSERVO. On Faheem's blog, CON-Feed apparently went by the name Renaldo. He also apparently posted on when the was a forum there and left me a private message referencing our TBWT encounters.

Kevin, Vox, Faheem and Noah could probably give you a better idea than I can but he hardly seemed to be as much of the spazz he has become when we all posted on TBWT. There, it only seemed like he had those "different views" and was trying to make sense of them and assert their legitimacy. Now, he seems plagued by his Inner Test Tube/Outcast Self-Contradictions and Conflicts.

If he's White. He's coming apart at the seams. Finding it hard to hold character. If he's Black... Well, as I said, he has some serious issues and, obviously, he having a rough time trying to deal with them.

Oh and he apparently runs this blog where he fashions himself as a CULTURAL STRATEGIST:
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