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Reply to "RACE. IN YOUR FACE."

When I was a kid I didn't know what the song was, I just knew the ice cream man was coming and I went and got an ice cream whatever.

I watched n Al Jolson documentary yesterday on You Tube. He was a Jew from somewhere or another. He couldn't sing anything without plastering black goop all over his face. singing "Mammy". He was the schitz back in the day; he couldn't sing worth a damn to me. Back then it was entertainment for the Crackers.

They can't dance, can't sing except for a couple that were probably taught by Blacks.

There's a jealousy about us from them., After awhile you'll know they're retarded. They won't say "nigger" to your face because they'd like to keep theirs. Some of us will smack the shit out of them if they screw up.

They're just a heap of funky immigrants; stole themselves a country and think they're the "cat's meow."

We all know differently. If you don't want to buy the ice cream from the truck, go to Stop and Shop and get a gallon of the best flavor you like and make yourself an icream smoothie.

White people will turn you into a murderer if you pay attention to them. They're retarded. Just look at THEIR PRESIDENT.

He probably owns a few ice cream trucks that his father brought over from Hitler's Germany. I'll bet you he has a few NIGGER JOKES. More than a few. Yep!!