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Reply to "Race in America in 2103"

Originally posted by Rowe:
Reply to Jim Chester:

Jim Chester: That is an insult. God's blessing is to be "anything but black?"

Rowe: It certainly wasn't my intention to offend you or anyone else reading. However, considering the overwhelming psychological stress, useless vitimization, and economic marginalization that blacks endure, I wouldn't characterize our experience as a walk through the breeze, much less a blessing. This is how I feel about it. I consider it extreme however to challenge my qualification as a teacher because of this perspective. Most importantly, I am interested in knowing why MBM (the topic starter) has yet to respond to issues discussed in his own topic.

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I believe you didn't intend to offend --- me or anyone else. Insult like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It just smacked me between the eyes to hear oblivion being wished on our future.
That's as clear as I can make the interpretation that hit me.

You don't owe me or anyone else an apology. I can sympathize with your hurt. Most of us have been through similar experience, if not the same. Your feelings belong to you.

I don't challenge your qualification to teach. My concern is passing that outlook on to children. I had several very angry teachers as a child. I was an adult before I could see the effect they had on my perspective of life, and myself.

Regarding MBM: I'm sure he will act appropriately. I think he operates the site very judiciously, and fairly.

I look forward to talking again.



Jim Chester