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Reply to "Race in America in 2103"

Originally posted by Nmaginate:

I think you are getting a little carried away, IMO.

I think all ROWE was trying to say is, simply, that no one would want to be in our shoes...[eventhough some whites today think we have as much or more privileges as they do...]

"It's a I'm glad it's not me" attitude and GOD's blessing/curse part was, IMO, a figure of speech!


Please explanin "IMO." I understand "figure of speech."

I hope that is what ROWE meant. Maybe I have been at this too long. That language clearly does not mean to you what is means to me. I've told ROWE what it means to me. I drew the line on allowing someone to tell me that a very long time ago.

I will not allow someone to put something like that on me, and let it to go unchallenged. Maybe ROWE is an "innocent" in dealing with this issue. Maybe not. Maybe this "collision" can be of use, if that is the goal.

This brings to mind a similar situation that happened in D.C. An administrator in city government used the word "niggardly" to describe a fiscal initiative. His staff demanded is job.
He was forced to resign. He was European. His staff was, primarily, African American-American. He says the comment was innocent. It probably was. His staff said they didn't care.

Should the administrator have been alert to the potential impact of using an "almost n-word" in addressing a primarily African American-American audience? Yes. Did the staff demand too much? Yes.

Sometimes running into a wall is only thing that will convince you that you shouldn't do that.

I am not carrying an attitude against ROWE. It's all I can do to deal with the load I am already carrying now to assure survival.

Jim Chester