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Reply to "Race in America in 2103"

Originally posted by Rowe:
Reply to Jim Chester:

Jim Chester: I almost forgot!!! Sings like us. And that's been going on long before Elvis. Elvis just found out how to make money on it. You may not know who Bobby Darin was --- is? And the "Mule Train" guy --- Frankie Lane. He ran around explaining to everyone he wasn't REALLY a NEGRO he just looked and sounded like it. What do YOU think?

Rowe: I believe its presumptuous to think that simply because whites patronize black music and are imitative of their entertaining abilities that they want to be black. There's no mistaking that North-Americans/Europeans believe they are superior to anyone that is not white; therefore, why would they want to be anyone except for white?? Cultural chauvinism and egocentrism is the social inheritance given to each white child just as the social inheritance of each black person, it seems, is to feel inferior and unworthy. The only white people that may have a brief desire to be black are those going through Bohemian non-conformist periods in their lifetime. Aside from this, any sane person observing the incredible social tribulations endured by blacks would consider it a sweet blessing from God to be anyting but black.

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Then what are you doing here. On this forum. Is it to argue imitation is not desire? We certainly know what the "white male" thinks. But not the "white female." Right?

This is the discussion, and mentality of a person who could survive only with the anonymity of an internet forum, or a CB radio.

The prattle you are spouting is the poison people like you are trying to teach to our children. The horrible thought just occurred to me that you might be an educator, or some other such person that influences the lives of our children

You are a life-threat in our society

You should be treated as such.

Stay anonymous. It will be good for you.


Jim Chester