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Reply to "Race in America in 2103"

Originally posted by Rowe:
Reply to MBM:

"What do you think the state of race relations will be in the United States in 2103? Will things improve to the point where race will become less and less relevant, or even irrelevant? Or will tensions re-ignite and open racism become even more prevalent? What do you think?"

Manifest Destiny

First, we know that much of the perpetual tension between races has its roots in History. Major historical moments such as Slavery has served its purpose. It has forever ruined race relations between whites and blacks, but who cares, whites are a global power and that was the goal from the beginning. Some anthropologist and cultural psychologist even argue that possessing a need to be superior to non-whites is apart of the European male cultural personality or "ethos." Therefore, subjecting other human beings to chattel slavery was to be expected. The European male is believed to be suffering from a rare narcissistic racial personality. Therefore, to separate him from his egocentrism would be tantamount to separating his brain from his body--one cannot function without the other. Therefore, as long as we have white males suffering from this psychopathology, other will be subject to his problem in 2103, 3103, or 4103.

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What is there in the original statement to make you think that the "White" male you describe will be in such a position as to make a difference. Or better yet, want to take such a position. In 100 years, five generations will have occurred. That "White" male you are talking may have taken so much more of African America's culture traits he may not know the difference between himself and the African American-American you are supposing will be the object of his racism.

The "White" male you are describing have has been competing with the African American-American as a free people for 137 years, almost seven generations. His children walk like, talk like, dress like, play baseball like, play basketball like, dance like. And everytime I look around, he's checking out African ancestry women. Do I need to make a list?

By the time 2103 gets here, that "White" male you are talking about is very likely to be checking his ancestry to find, and claim his (unknown) African ancestry.

I almost forgot!!! Sings like us. And that's been going on long before Elvis. Elvis just found out how to make money on it. You may not know who Bobby Darin was --- is? And the "Mule Train" guy --- Frankie Lane. He ran around explaining to everyone he wasn't REALLY a NEGRO he just looked and sounded like it. And "Cry Me A River" Johnny Rae. And the granddaddy of them all, Al Jolson, and his spinoff Eddy Cantor. Those last two guys wanted it so badly, them painted their faces for a little reverse psychology. "I'm just making fun." Yeah. Sure.

Who knows, ROWE? Strange things are going on. Ben Afleck (spelling?) just dipped the stick.

What do YOU think?

Jim Chester


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