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Reply to "Race in America in 2103"

Yeah, I'd bet that we will not be here in 2103!! LOL!! Anyway I know I will not be personally!!!

That said, this topic has been stated as such that the way we see race today, has always been this way. This is not true at all. The way we perceive race in America today did not begin until around the late 1600's.

From about the mid 1800's up until the end of Reconstruction, perhaps 10 years after, there was yet a different perception. As quiat as it's kept, there was a mulatto "race", though not seen as white, they were seen differently than were "blacks". They were still slaves, the one's that were not free, but they yielded a higher price. They were often skilled and many could speak a language other than English. Some free mulattos even held slaves!!! Many of these people prospered during Reconstruction. When the Jim Crow laws of the South started to take affect between 1885 and 1890, this started to change. The colour line was shfited, hence the Plessy v. Furguson Supreme Court descision in 1896. In the US Census of 1880, enumerators were told to record people that they perceived to be mixed, whether it be skin colour and/or phenotype, as mullato. In 1890, it went as far to the degree: mulatto, quadroon, octoroon. In 1900, Black was only used. 1910 and 1920, mulatto. Since 1930 it has been black until that is 2000 when people were afforded the opportunity to classify themselves as they saw fit. The 1920 Census, a category was created for Indians/Pakistanis: Hindu, by 1930, they where white. Since 1980, there is an Asian Including the Indian Sub-continent category. Also 1980 was the first time the "Hispanic" category was used.

What does all this have to do with race in 2103?? Perceptions change. I think even white Americans racial perceptions have changed a little over the last 20 years. With the influx of "Hispanics" from countries who do have different racial perceptions than do Amercians, it will likely change. Couple all this togther with the rise of "interracial" raleationships, and peoples' perceptions will change. Yes America will more than likely get browner, not just because of the influx of non white immigrants either.

Ebony magazine even stated that by 2050, people of partial African descent will no longer regard themselves as black or African American. So One Drop will eventually die out!! Albeit a rather slow death.

Does this mean there will be no racism by 2103. Hell no!! Some form of racism will always exist, but it will be different. Humans have always found a reason to discriminate against other Humans. This will not change, unfortunately. What I'm trying to say is that people will NOT have the same racial perceptions today 100 years from now, IMHO.

Yes I know the "nationalist" contingent on this forum will rail against this and say "I am insecure, I don't know who I am, etc". What I have posted is all the truth and I can prove the historical aspects of this as well as the scientifical aspects and as well as where the current trends are leading to. This is just a threat to their agenda.

Instead of the usual insults, prove me wrong with specifics, not Afrocentric rhetoric, or simply ignore it!!!


Reference on the Colour Line:
A Brief History on the Colour Line

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