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Reply to "R. Kelly Allegedly Keeping Young Women In Sex 'Cult' Parent Claim"

"I Don’t Know How to Convince R. Kelly Fans That They Should Give a Shit About Black Girls"



It pisses me off that African America/African Americans act like they do not give a damn that R. Kelley is a goddamn pedophile/statutory rapist.  

Who do you think are buying his music, White teenagers?  Old Asian men? Who?

Hell, it's Black people that are buying the hell out of his music and showing their worthless asses up at his concerts.  


It really pisses me off that the mentality of not giving about Black girls [even very little Black girls], was taught and socially conditioned into society by the southern slave plantation system, where they came up with all manor of excuses, like "Black girl "mature" faster that White girls", for a prime example, to brainwash people, [the White population and the 'slaves'] into ignoring, disregarding, and looking the other way or playing 'ignorant' to the fact that grown ass [White] men were raping little Black girls.  

That is what R. Kelly is also taking advantage of; he his also taking advantage of the fact that Americans [including many Black Americans, obviously] have been socially conditioned over centuries, to not give a damn about Black girls, no matter how young or how small, to not give a damn about Black children in general, and to not even view Black children as children in the first place, but to see them as "adults" rather than as children.

When Black people do not give a damn about Black children, it is merely just another product of SELF-HATE SYNDROME that was brainwashed and socially conditioned into our ancestors.



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