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Reply to "Question for the fellas"

Originally posted by AudioGuy:
Of all da bitches & ho's I have dated... (just kidding)

I have to say that I cannot recall ever being disappointed by a woman... this does not mean that I have not been hurt... just not disappointed... not that I can recall...

I think that I have probably disappointed way more than have disappointed me...



{*For the record I am TEASING you AG.. I am not trying to fight you, degrade your name, hurt you, or suggest in any way that you seriously be treating dem women's like hoes}


{* For the record that was me TEASING you again...}

sit down fool! hehehehe

{* once again, I just want you to know that I was TEASING you.....}

If this in any way makes you uncomfortable, or feel like I'm attacking your playa status (Teasing again), then I apologize.... I will not tease you no' mo'

Be easy....