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Reply to "Question for the fellas"

Originally posted by The one and only ME:
Ok, ok, the stiff arm thing was funny BUT do you think that by applying that technique you may miss out on the one for you?? I mean, QTY has NEVER cheated on her mate and if you met her (not on here), you would have been stiff arming her like anybody else you meet......

If my future mate is on this board, looking at this board, or is in NY or Ohio, PLEASE DONT STIFF ARM ME. I'm not the average sista. I will NEVER call you or interact with you in any type of way EVER AGAIN! LOL You have my pic on here so that "I'm sorry. I didn't know you were The one and only ME" is not gonna work! LOL

I think you need to petition for a stiff arm exemption - qty226 got one; check with Shango on that! Wink

If not a stiff arm, how else should we shed & evade crazy ladies? Lower the shoulder?

Clearly, this allows the pursuer to get way too close!
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