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Reply to "Question for the fellas"

Originally posted by The one and only ME:
Forgive me, but I am beginning to see a pattern here.

Could this be the communication issue that women speak of? You expect us to uphold a certain standard-tell you what we want, need, give you our life history but you can't even be bothered with us when we are trying to find out what "WE" as women can do to improve ourselves in the eyes of the black man..........? (That is the ultimate goal of this topic, FOR ME)

Here are a couple of blast from the past that represent my feelings

I was also trying to find the old post where I went into great detail about my first wife. We meet in seminary. When we got married, she had finished the course work for her doctorate and the plan was for her to take a couple years finishing her dissertation while I worked, and then she would reciprocate while I went back to get mine. We had also planned on starting a family around that time, we both wanted kids. Two years turned into 8, all the while, she refused to work, refused to do much of anything around the house, refused to start a family (she said that she would not have kids until she had finished giving birth to her dissertation Roll Eyes), spent all day watching TV and chatting on the Internet, eventually becoming romantically entangled with a couple of folks she met there. NOTE: This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Its also important to remember that I was a minister, working as a college chaplain in small close-knit communities. The stress of trying to deal with the situation, my job, and my community expectations triggered a major depressive episode. Even her parents took my side in what was going on. Finally, though I got her to do marriage counseling, she refused to change or compromise, so I had to get out to save what little mind I had left. I heard that she did get her degree, though it took her another 2 or 3 years and an obscene amount of debt, which I fortunately did not share.