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Reply to "Question for the fellas"

Originally posted by ddouble:
one and only -

You're new here; let me school you on how things usually go down around here.

Example 1: Woman launches into rant thread about how terrible men are.

95% of the ladies co-sign

Men defend themselves or proclaim that they and their friends do not engage in subject of rant.

Ladies say we are being dishonest and continue to rant, often with little regard for the language used or civility.

Example 2: Man launches into rant thread about how terrible women are.

80-85% of men co-sign

Ladies deny that the behavior occurs, then suggest that ultimately men are the reason the women being ranted about behaved the way they did.

If a lady happens to agree with the male rant, she is quickly shouted down or accused of having some issue (suck-up, brainwashed, naive, unenlightened).

Ladies then relaunch the rants from their threads, overrunning the male poster's thread.

Read through some old threads in the Den, Sista's Spot, and Dating/Relationships. We know how it happens around here; we open up, only to be told our perceptions aren't valid - it's tiring & annoying; so when someone new, possibly with good intentions, posts this type of question, many of us are skeptical.

Lucy's pulled the football away too many times... Wink

Yep, and as soon as Charlie Brown goes off about how Lucy yanks the football, resulting in him busting his ass, then she has the NERVE to cuss out Charlie Brown, "How dare your bald-headed, dead Christmas tree purchasing, blockhead ass get mad at me, while I take my precious time and energy to exclusively treat you like shyt in front of your face, instead of behind your back." bang nono