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Reply to "Question for the fellas"

Could this be the communication issue that women speak of? You expect us to uphold a certain standard-tell you what we want, need, give you our life history but you can't even be bothered with us when we are trying to find out what "WE" as women can do to improve ourselves in the eyes of the black man..........? (That is the ultimate goal of this topic, FOR ME)

Here is a start...

1) Don't fuck your man's brother, best friend, cousin, and / or enemy

2) Don't sleep with your girlfriend... unless I am invited.

3) Be where you say you are

4) Keep your pants on in the company of another man.

5) Don't "overlaugh" in the company of another man.

6) When you are in a relationship with a dude, DO NOT PURSUE "FRIENDSHIPS" WITH OTHER MEN."

7) Don't talk to OTHER men about your relationship.

8) Stay out of situations your man would not appreciate.

9) Never go on a vacation without your man.

10) Male friends you had before your relationship with your current man or husband, must be put on CHILL mode.

11) It is okay to dance with another dude at a party or club. It is NOT okay to allow him to rub up on your ass.

12) Do not accept MONEY or GIFTS from any man when you are in a relationship. No HOOKUPS either. And I don't care if your car catches fire in the company parking lot, do not accept a ride from a cat who you KNOW is jocking you.

Chew on this list for awhile....