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I've got an idea......

How about an .....

Open invitation to different internet communities (other respected message board forums) to chooose or select a general topic for debate. The environment would be comparable to the olympics. Each board would select three (or four) regular posters to represent their forum. More than one subject matter would be selected. Like the different events in the olympic games there would be different general topics and specific headings within them such as.... In Religious Debate... the topic of debate would be ohhh.. I don't know.... something like "The Metaphysics of Shango and Oludamare's effect on the state of one's perceptions." Then there would be other headings such as Political debate and so on. Perhaps a panel of judges could be selected from among the forums (probably the forum administrators or moderators would be the judges). Perhaps the debate could take place once a month lasting three days each month. Happening at a different forum each month. The idea is to generate activity at the respective boards as well as generate buzz. You could also make sure there is a closed debate thread open only to particpants. However, topics of discussion may be commented upon by regular members of each board in other threads not closed.

Just an idea....

something to bounce around and refine....

Next question:Why are toothbrush heads sold large? Why not make the head of the brush small to get to each tooth better instead of large swathes of strokes across the enamel?