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Reply to "Queen Latifah comes out at Gay Pride Parade"

I'm sorry, but .... I just can't understand why something like this should be considered "news." 


First of all ..... anybody that didn't know that the Queen was gay by now just wasn't paying attention!!    Or just didn't want to acknowledge it.  Or has been living under a rock for the past 20 years. 


But ... it's really this phenomenon about having to "come out" and tell the world about your sexual orientation - and what seems like a requirement to have it celebrated, no less - that truly just baffles me!!


I mean .... I know that it's considered 'old school' but .... I just consider stuff about people's sex life private.  Regardless or whether a person is straight or gay ... who and what you do when you're doing somebody else shouldn't be anybody's business!!  No??  


I don't want to hear about a straight person's sex life or sexually-oriented escapades anymore than I want to hear about a gay person's!!!  I just don't think that's anybody else's business.  But when it comes to being gay .... that community wants it shouted from the rooftops when it comes to their members!!  And they make sure that it's blasted from all media outlets whenever someone makes that admission!!  In fact, in some cases, they'll even taunt and try to shame people into making such a pronouncement! 


And, of course, the media is on full hound dog-mode just looking for the next "gay thing" - whether it be a person or an issue or a discussion or just the mere mention of the word "gay" .... so that they can make a headline out of it!! 


I mean, many people haven't noticed it ... but, ever since V.P. Biden (and then the President) uttered his 'support' for the same-sex marriage, the issue of homosexuality has been at the top of every news report (especially considering how many news anchors are gay and have 'come out' recently!!) in one way or another. 


It's an issue that's carrying the same weight and is being talked about and discussed - as much if not more - than issues like the economy, the upcoming presidential election, unemployment, the war in Afghanistan, etc ... because something somebody said or did regarding homosexuality is going to be an 'up front' story ... and push all those other issues to the back of the line!! 


Now, I don't have a problem with gay people .... but, I don't believe their issues are more important than the current economic situation we're going through - which affects ALL of us as Americans (yes, even them, too!!) ... and should be at the forefront of newscasts for months at a time.


Now, the Queen can be just as gay - or straight - as she wants to be!!  But, I'm sorry ... I just really don't care!!  Who she has sex with just doesn't concern or affect me ... as much as her as an entertainer (the music she produces), as a person (her philanthropy and all the things she does to help others), as an activist (how she presents herself as a representative of the Black community) .... NONE of which have anything to do with her sex life!! 


Unfortunately, we now seem to live in a time where virtually nothing is any longer sacred, or secret or private or personal.  With the advent of 'reality shows' and cameras everywhere .. it's almost like people feel they have right to be able invade in other people's business.


But you would think that one's sex life is something that should remain in the privacy of one's home.  It shouldn't be blasted on national news stations.  But, alas ... it is.